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Every year in December, the Swedish town of Gävle erects a massive straw replica of a Swedish Yule goat. It would be otherwise unremarkable among similar jumbo-sized installations, save one fact. Since it was first built in 1966, almost every year, someone has attempted to burn it down. You might assume this is a charming Christmas tradition —the world’s largest Yule log — however, the town of Gävle emphatically does not want this goat burned down.

Thus, an arms race has developed between the town council and any would-be goat burners, with security measures increasing every year as arsonists grow ever bolder. It is now your turn to take part in this time-honored Christmas tradition as a inhabitant of Gävle, either as a Guard defending the goat, or as a Burner, attempting to raze it to the ground.

The Gävle Goat: Defend & Destroy is a PvP TTRPG module created by Linnie Schell for Fifth Edition. Players work in teams to Guard or Burn the Gävle Goat over the course of one night, using found objects from around the town to create their attacks or defenses. Perfect for a low-prep Christmas one-shot, the fate of the Gävle Goat is yours to decide. Rally your troops! 

This module includes:

  • Instructions on running the game
  • Goat Stats
  • Digital Files
    • Slottstorget Square Map (Horizontal, Vertical, No Names)
    • Goat Asset
  • List of stores & inventories
  • Instructions for Burners & Guards
  • Pre-generated character sheets

The Gävle Goat: Defend & Destroy

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